Let's create something together

Originally from Germany, I had my first glimpse outside the small micro-universe, I grew up in, in 2010 when I went to school in Paris for a couple of months.

Since that time, the desire to go and experience new countries hasn’t stopped. Due to my Tourism Studies I had the chance to live in Bournemouth in the south of the UK and later worked in New York. My field of work has since then been Public Relations and Social Media Marketing as well as editorial work. Due to my studies I focus on sustainable Ecotourism and sustainable development through tourism which his highly influencing my way of living and of course of traveling. I am currently doing a Master in Sustainable Tourism Management.

I am starting to focus more and more on travel-writing, photo- and videography because it is an awesome way to be creative in a way a normal job wouldn’t allow me to be.

I only partner with companies who stand for the same values like me and are sensitive towards their social and environmental impact. I look forward to partner with DMO’s in order to support local and environmentally friendly tourism and showcase their beautiful destination. I am looking forward to connect with like-minded people, so don’t be shy and just drop me an E-Mail: askspencer[@]web.de. I am looking forward hearing your stories. Until then: stay curious. Lot’s of love.C.