My Berber family

six weeks morocco should change my view on life forever

In spring 2016 I ventured off for a six week trip through Morocco. Since I wrote my bachelor thesis on sustainable tourism in Morocco I visited ecolodges, woman cooperatives and NGOs that were committed to environmental protection and social equity.

I found what I searched for and so much more. Morocco caught my heart and especially my two weeks in a rural village in the Atlas Mountains living off grid, off the land and within a wonderful and supportive community should change my view on life forever. I shared my experiences in the book ‚Backback Stories‘ and during several live events as well as on my blog.

Feeling Porto

In winter 2017 I visited Porto for the first time. I did not know that this second visit to Portugal would just be one of many and I eventually would end up choosing this country to be a place I call home now.

Panamenian Jungle

Pictures taken while travelling four weeks through Panama and Costa Rica.

From italy with love

I had to turn 25 in order to visit Italy for the first time and Oh Boy it was long overdue. Visiting Rome, Ercolano, Pompei and the Amalfi Coast and taking you with me throguh the lense…