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‘Travel like Gandhi, with simple clothes, open eyes and uncluttered mind.’ – Rick Steves

Who writes here?

Thank you for stopping by! My name is Caro and I am originally from Germany. I lived abroad for a while and had the chance to travel a lot due to my studies which I finished recently.

For now, I have much more time to do what I really love: meet people from all over the place, experience different cultures and learn how this world works. I hope I can inspire you to do the same, because what are we here for when it is not creating things? And creativity comes through inspiration.

I get my inspiration through my daily dose of something unknown. Where do you get yours from? Stay curious! Lot’s of love.C. Find out more here.

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and you find stories from all over the world. to wander means to always see the world with the eyes of a child and never stopping to be curious

To wander means to get lost in places you never thought you’d visit. To get to know people you never thought are so similar and yet so different. wander means to love life and to explore our nature and find some answers to the never ending questions.


have less. do more.

live your life as you want it to be. Here you find blogposts on things I consume such a food, clothes, travelgear and so on.


creation is a human need

create. DYI’s. recipes. drawings. arty stuff.

‘If you think one piece of creation is better than another, you have completely lost it.’

– Jaggi Vasudev